Can Kids use the gym while the gym floor is being worked on?
Can you repair my hardwood sports floor?
Can you shine up my hardwood floor?
Can you add a logo to my hardwood floor?
Can you make my old hardwood floor look new again?
Can you put water-based finish over top of Oil-Based finish?
I bought new Volleyball posts and they don’t fit in my floor. What can I do?
I use the same hole in the floor for Volleyball and Badminton, but we want the larger Volleyball posts, can I still share the Badminton and Volleyball holes?
Can you add game lines to my sports floor?
How long will it take to complete my Harwood Gymnasium Floor?
When can I use my gymnasium floor after you are complete?
Is the gymnasium finish VOC Compliant?
How smelly is Gymnasium Finish?
How long will my new / re-sanded floor last?
Can I add a new height adjuster or glass backboard to my existing basketball backstop?
Can you fix my basketball backstop?
Can you add a safety strap to my basketball backstop?
Can you add power or a winch to my basketball equipment?
Can we still use facility if you are working on overhead equipment or bleachers?
Can you warrantee / recertify my basketball backstop?
Can you supply parts for my basketball / bleachers / divider curtains?
Can you fix my divider curtain?
Can you fix my rubber floor?